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The Purepecha princess Erendira

The Purepecha princess Erendira

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Today we are a country, but 500 years ago the territory was divided into towns, each one called “Señorio”; with systems of life and governments very different from each other.

Until one day, from the sea the Spaniards arrived on their ships. They were ambitious, seeking wealth and power. There was a clash of cultures; they carried fire in their weapons, they brought with them diseases and animals that were unknown to our ancestors.

The newcomers conquered Tenochtitlan, which made it easier for them to advance towards the different Dominions, such as the Purepecha, which we know today as the state of Michoacán.

This is the story of the Purepecha princess Erendira; she owns herself, willing to defend hers until the end, full of pride and always smiling.

“Princess Erendira was standing next to the Cazonci, she was distinguished by her tranquility in the midst of the complete chaos that was in the great palace room. The messengers were the center of attention, they brought terrible news:…”

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