You are currently viewing “Shivering.” A story of winter and sowing

“Shivering.” A story of winter and sowing

“Shivering.” A story of winter and sowing

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While Tonalli’s family was preparing for the festivities of the month Títitl, she accidentally meets the Goddess Ilamatecuhtli, an old princess and in charge of shrinking life for the following spring.

“Adventure with Tonalli on a journey where you will meet the Goddess Ilamatecuhtli”

Tonalli, not knowing the way home, accompanies the Goddess because she promised to meet her mother and brother.

Along the way, she realizes the relevance of the season to mark the end of a cycle that gives way to a new one.

“At the height of winter, while preparing to go out and spend the festivities of the month of Tititl with the family, Tonalli’s mother —Metztli—, tells her and her younger brother about the role of the goddess Ilamatecuhtli —“ancient earth and protector”—in the process of the end and beginning of life in the fertile land, and on the importance of the season. Tonalli, like her eldest daughter, stays a little longer at home to take care of the last duties, including saving and counting seeds for the next sowing… ”

Lic. Adelfo Regino Montes
Managing Director
Instituto Nacional de los Pueblos Indígenas

Mtra. Bertha Dimas Huacuz
General Coordinator of Cultural Heritage and Indigenous Education

José Luis Sarmiento Gutiérrez
Director of Social Communication

Art / Screenplay
Diana Teresa Correa Trejo

Style correction
Laura M. Castro Carmona

Norberto Zamora Pérez