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Holy Week dances

Holy Week dances

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This book presents four stories dedicated, each one, to a regional dance of Holy Week, a different region in each story.

The author shares that each story is a “story in motion” since it comes to them from the dance, from the waddling that the characters carry out and that in some way also dances with the narration itself.

The author says that the stories are about dancing and asks the reader to dance, to dance, to imagine that they can feel, the bodies of the beings that inhabit the story when moving… “just let yourself go.”

“La comunidad de San Pablo Huixtepec recibe la Semana Santa con toda una gama de celebraciones, color, música y mucha, pero en verdad mucha comida. Yo, que ahora vivo en la ciudad de Oaxaca, sigo asombrándome por lo exuberante que resulta la celebración…”

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